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Join Our CBD Affiliate Program

Welcome to the Tribe. Our Affiliate Program is designed to offer you a risk-free way to partner with us and capitalize on the CBD market.

Tribe CBD | Broad Spectrum CBD and Hemp Products

Tribe's CBD Oil Affiliate Program

Affiliate partners are companies or individuals who partner with us to share product information, updates, promotions, and reviews with their community—ultimately referring traffic to the Tribe website and products. Basically as an affiliate, every sale you refer to our site, you earn a commission. 

We set up each Affiliate Partner with a unique Coupon Code and URL. The Coupon Code allows your community to enjoy 15% off our CBD Products. Affiliates also receive 15% of the sales they generate.

How Does Our Affiliate Program Work?

To get started is really simple. We use the Impact Radius platform to host our affiliate program, where you can sign up and review the basic agreement details.

Step 1

Create an Account with Impact

Step 2

Submit an Affiliate Application and we will promptly review

Step 3

Share Tribe CBD with your Affiliate Link and Earn $$$

Affiliate Program Benefits: Why Partner with Tribe?

  • Our expanding line of premium broad spectrum CBD products utilize the highest quality sun-grown USA hemp plants. 
  • The CBD markets are growing month over month, and the overall industry continues to mature and thrive.
  • With no cost for you to sign up, our affiliate program is a risk free way to capitalize on the CBD markets.
  • We offer competitive commissions and the opportunity to earn 15% on each sale you refer.
  • We apply cookies for 30 days, which means you earn commission on anyone who revisits the site due to our retargeting and remarketing efforts and completes an order within 30 days of referral.
  • We are constantly monitoring and optimizing our website and checkout funnel to maximize conversion rates so more of your referrals turn into customers.
  • We offer our products at attainable pricing in order to make high-quality CBD available to the masses at affordable rates.

Ready to Become a Tribe CBD Oil Affiliate?

Below we highlighted our most common questions about our CBD Affiliate Program. If you have a question you don’t see on the list, just email our Affiliate Team at [email protected] We look forward to having you part of the Tribe!

Tribe CBD is also available in hundreds of stores nationwide. If you are interested in carrying our products in your brick-and-mortar locations, please visit our wholesale CBD page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Tribe CBD Affiliate Program work?

Our Affiliate Program is pretty simple. After you get setup on Impact, you will receive a dedicated URL Link and Coupon Code. When you refer customers to using the Link and/or Coupon Code, Impact will track your affiliate performance and you will earn 15% of those purchases.

Does it cost anything to join your affiliate program?

No, there is no cost to join the Affiliate Program.

How do I sign up for the Tribe CBD Affiliate Program?

First, you must create an account with Impact—who handles all of the affiliate tracking and payouts. Once you have an account with Impact, you are able to submit an Affiliate Application.

What is your policy for accepting affiliates?

We are looking to partner with brands that share similar values and vision—and a similar brand audience. We’re looking for brand ambassadors that are going to represent the brand and products in a positive way. Once you have submitted your application, we will promptly review.

Do you accept international affiliates?

Currently, our CBD Affiliate Program is only open to affiliates in the United States. However, if your brand audience is primarily US-focused and the brand is a good fit, we will consider international affiliates. Email us at [email protected] to discuss more.

Do I need a website or blog to participate in the Affiliate Program?

Having a website or blog is strongly recommended for success in the Affiliate Program to drive consistent traffic. If you do not have a website or blog, but feel you have a quality audience (for example through social networks or an email newsletter list) please share that information in your application.

What if I have more than one website?

Having more than one website is great. Please include all websites and methods of marketing in your application. You will use the same URL Link provided by Impact across all of your marketing channels.

Can I also be in a competitor’s affiliate program?

Yes. Our Affiliate Program is not exclusive and you are not limited.

Do I have to be a certain age?

You must be at least 18 years of age to participate in our Affiliate Program.

Will there be an affiliate login on your website?

No, you will login to your Impact account to access information regarding the Affiliate Program and your Affiliate Partnership status.

What is my responsibility as a Tribe CBD Affiliate?

As a Tribe CBD Affiliate, your responsibility is to be a positive brand ambassador and help promote our values and vision. You also have a responsibility to adhere to regulations and compliance set forth by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Ready to Join Our Affiliate Program?

If you are ready to capitalize on the growing CBD markets by becoming an affiliate, we’d love to partner. We’re excited to review your application and partner with brand ambassadors that share our value and vision. 

If you have any further questions about our Affiliate Program, just email us at [email protected]—we’re here to help.